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When you need  product photography, corporate  brochures or environmental  portraiture, Mickey Krakowski of Visible Light  Photography can help you with your exacting specifications. We will meet your stringent production requirements in all film formats, 35mm, 6X7 to 4x5.

Catalogs, brochures, print ads or annual reports, Visible Light Photography is fully prepared to help you. We have 11 years experience in the art of graphic design and  desktop publishing. We look forward to working with a clients art director to create a successful ad campaign. Contact us with your ideas and see them become a reality!

Mickey Krakowski has 9 years experience in the art of digital editing. From its simplest form of scanning and image manipulations and color adjustments to todays advertising demands of high resolution, multiple image compositing, Mickey is fully equipped to create the image you want.

A complete digital editing system is at our disposal to create your electronic image. 35mm film scanning and manipulation are available. Drum scanning and large format scanning are outsourced as to your specific requirements. We can output your images to any file format and ship via Zip Disk. Ink-jet proofs are available onsite. Film, and other types of print outputs are aquired through a number of excellent service bureaus and are available on request.

Creativity has no bounds, allow your imagination to explore the possibilities. Count on Visible Light Photography to help you realize your ideas.
Digital capabilities

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Stock Imagery

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Stock photos are available to help you make the image statement you want to convey. You have a vast library of images to choose from, they include:
*Southwestern Landscape*
*National Parks & Forests*
*Music Personalities*
*Denver Broncos*
*Photographic Backgrounds*
Call us, we have what you need (if we don't have it, we'll shoot it for you!).
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